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The Good: Open Source is royalty free and there are hundreds of thousands of separate projects available on the net.  Leveraging open source and incorporating it into your proprietary commercial software can make good business sense.




code-iStock_000004927031XSmall.jpgist2_442379_germsThe Bad: Open Source has legal license obligations and some of it can contaminate your own software and force you to give away your own source code for free.


The Ugly: Companies which have not met the license obligations have faced lawsuits, loss of business and expensive re-engineering.




The problem: Your own software probably has some snippets of open source inside, that you may not even know about because it was downloaded by an ex-employee or an outsource agency contractor.  The license obligations were probably not managed, and your own software may even be contaminated. 



The solution:

    Decide the license obligations you can accept and set a policy for approved licenses.

    Audit your source code to find any embedded open source with un-approved licenses that are contaminating your software.

    Replace the contaminating open source snippets.

    Enforce the license policy on an ongoing basis


CoTegrity makes it easy:

We can audit your software; identify any embedded open source; articulate the resultant license obligations; recommend any open source that should be reviewed for potential removal; and recommend alternative open source that is safe to use. 




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